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2019 Jobs Outlook - Part 2

Respiratory Therapist
With a 23% growth rate driven by the medical needs of an aging population, this is one of the fastest-growing professions you can get without a bachelor's degree. Respiratory therapists help care for patients who have trouble breathing and provide emergency care to victims of heart attacks, drowning or shock.

Quick stats:
Median salary - $58,670
Unemployment rate – 0.8%
Number of jobs – 130,200
Expected growth – 23% between 2016 and 2026
Required Education – Associate degree

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers And Cardiovascular Technicians
These technicians (often called diagnostic imaging workers) operate imaging equipment that creates images or conducts tests ordered by doctors. Like other health care professions, this one is growing at a high rate and carries one of the highest salaries you can get without a college degree.

Quick stats:
Median salary - $64,280
Unemployment rate – 1.4%
Number of jobs – 122,300
Expected growth – 17% between 2016 and 2026
Required Education – Associate degree

Masonry Worker
Masons build structures out of bricks, concrete blocks, concrete, or stones. It's physical work, often outdoors, but if you're looking for hands-on work with decent pay and a high job growth rate, this is one place to look. Training is usually on the job, often through apprenticeship, and you only need a high school diploma to start!

Quick stats:
Median salary - $41,330
Unemployment rate – 1.7%
Number of jobs – 292,500
Expected growth – 12% between 2016 and 2026
Required Education – High school diploma

Nurse Practitioner
Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with additional educational achievements and qualifications. They have a nurse's traditional suite of skills, but they can also perform physical examinations, order lab tests, and analyze results. This isn't the easiest one to break into, as you'll need a nursing qualification with additional graduate education, but if you're already in nursing or a related healthcare trade and you want to step up to a full healthcare professional level, this is one way to do it!

Quick stats:
Median salary - $100,910
Unemployment rate – 1.3%
Number of jobs – 56,000
Expected growth – 36% between 2016 and 2026
Required Education – Graduate degree

Software Developer
Software developers are the creative, skilled individuals behind nearly every app, computer program, and software solution out there today. Reflecting the nature of today's digital world, they are also the top job for 2019.

Quick stats:
Median salary - $100,080
Unemployment rate – 1.6%
Number of jobs – 253,400
Expected growth – more than 30% between 2016 and 2026
Required Education – Bachelor's degree

Final Word
The hottest jobs in America typically fall within a few booming professions, notably health care and technology. That doesn’t mean that these are the only fields offering good work, high growth, and accessibility without advanced degrees. There are numerous other fields in demand, from the construction trades to media and fashion, where an ambitious, hardworking individual can make a mark and build a career without having high-end connections or expensive degrees. This list is just a starting point. Look at your interests and skills, do the research, and find a trade that you can make your own! The job market is booming, unemployment is low, and it’s a great time to start a career or embark on a new one.