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Unemployment can be sudden, unexpected, and devastating, and it's much more common than you may think. Even with the low official unemployment rate, Americans are out of the workforce at unprecedented levels. If you're unemployed, you're probably overwhelmed with questions: how will you pay your bills, feed your family, replace your lost health insurance, and find another job? All of these questions have answers, but finding those answers is just one more burden, at a time when you're already facing too many. My Unemployment Helper makes those answers easy to find, with a collection of practical, easy-to-read resources on every aspect of surviving unemployment and getting back to work.

There's a lot of information here, so we've broken it down into categories to make it easier to find what you need. The section on education and training gives you up to date information on how to develop skills and improve your employability without breaking your budget. The "Government Help" section reviews unemployment benefits and other programs that can help you through your time out of the workforce. The "Make Money" and "Save Money" sections explain useful sources of immediate income that you can tap while you look for permanent work, and keep you up to date on the latest ways to stretch your precious funds. We hope that all four sections will provide you with useful, practical information on surviving and thriving unemployment and getting back to your full earning potential as fast and smoothly as possible.

My Unemployment Helper has no affiliation with any government agency or other official organization. We can only provide information. We cannot assist you in applying for benefits, or in gaining approval for any program. We try to give you useful, practical, well-researched articles that will make it easier to get through your period of unemployment and get back to work. If there's anything you'd like to see that's not here, let us know!

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