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Best Coupon Programs

Save Money with Coupons
Couponing is a strategy that smart, market-savvy families use to save thousands of dollars each year. Maximizing coupon deals has become a topic of conversations, articles, community workshops, and even a TV series. Couponers are quick to tell you that there are specific, disciplined methods that must be followed to save big.

Couponing has existed for generations, but extreme couponing became possible with the internet. You'll want to be connected. So how do you do it? How do you become part of the couponing community that saves big at the grocery store every month? Here are some of the steps that can get you connected to the savings.

Following bloggers can keep you inspired and help you add strategies for savings. Search around to find your favorites. These sites can get you started.

The Crazy Coupon Lady - specializes in finding "the best deals in every category so that families everywhere can afford to live well. They continue to live by the mantra "You'd be krazy not to be one of us."

Deal Seeking Mom - will let you know about the best deal so that whether you're a casual couponer or a Power Couponer, you know where the savings are.

Money Saving Mom - fits the couponing profile. She finds and shares the best deals in town.

Stockpiling Mom - can help you stay balanced. She gives travel reviews, menus, gluten free recipes, plus money saving tips.

Healthy Life Deals - is a favorite because of her connection to whole foods and organic coupons. In a coupon world filled with discounts on snacks and convenience foods, this voice on healthy foods is welcomed.

Coupon Clipping Services
Serious couponers rely on coupon clipping services in order to get online coupons and multiple copies of printed coupons.

Red Plum - is one of the top three coupon providers. This site offers downloadable coupons that you can print as well as a My City My Deals tab to help you match store savings with coupons.

Smart Source - is a top coupon provider of both print and online coupons. - is a go-to site for couponers, providing a complete database of online coupons.

Hot Coupon World - provides a coupon database for printable coupons plus information on store matchups.

Mambo Sprouts - takes a bit more navigation, but it is still considered one of the top sources for online coupons.

The Strategy
Successful couponers find that following a few basic steps makes a substantial difference in their savings. These are some of the popular strategies.

Set a goal - Your goal and level of dedication to couponing can guide the steps you need to take to get started. Do you have a couple hours that you're going to commit in order to save $20 or so? Are you giving it your all -- you've found your new niche and you'll be searching, clipping, and shopping your way to over $100 per week? Subscriptions to services that offer the best savings can add up, so you want to make sure you're going to use the services fully before you pay out much money.

Use a coupon clipping service - Coupon clipping services are internet sites that provide multiple copies of print manufacturer coupons. Members place orders for the coupons they want; the service mails clipped coupons from the Sunday paper (or other coupon providers) to your doorstep. The sites don't technically "sell" the coupons, they provide them for a nominal handling fee of approximately 10% of the coupon value. Using a service to secure multiple coupons for the same item allows you to "stockpile" when a store sale matches a coupon for a fraction of the cost of purchasing that number of Sunday papers. Living Richly on a Budget has a handy list of coupon clipping services by region.

Stack coupons with store sales - Coupon matchups are where shoppers can start to make the big savings. When a store in your area is running a sale which matches to manufacturer's coupons, it's time to stock up. You can do the matchups yourself or use a service such as Free

Know store couponing policies - Big couponing mistakes can be avoided by knowing a store's coupon policy. Do they double coupons? Do they limit the number of coupons per transaction? Do they have a 1 coupon per item policy? A database of store policies is conveniently located online.

Shop multiple stores multiple times making multiple transactions - Power couponers have come to peace with the need to shop multiple stores. One-stop shopping will limit your savings. When one of your big items has a store/coupon matchup, you can maximize the savings by visiting the store multiple times or making multiple transactions on one visit all the while staying within the store's coupon policy.

Know your prices and needs - One of the most fundamental grocery shopping strategies is to keep a notebook that lists the unit price of items you shop for. If the price of an item with a coupon is still over the normal unit price for that item, it's not a deal. Buying additional items just because they are a good deal doesn't save and can pack on the pounds.

Subscribe to several Sunday papers - Serious couponers find they can save more by subscribing to several Sunday papers and even carrying multiple subscriptions to the best papers.

The Real Story
Even the best of couponers don't cash in big every week. The deals you see on TV where a buyer saves $500 on a single trip to the grocery store are most likely that shopper's "deal of a lifetime." Most shows accurately portray real life savings, but not real life savings on every trip. Extreme couponers may have saved coupons for weeks and spent hours printing, clipping, driving, and searching for that one big moment of savings.

Power couponers love what they do. They are energized by adding up their monthly savings. For these savvy shoppers, couponing is more than a financial strategy, it's a hobby they are willing to devote time and, yes, even money to. It's fun; it brings satisfaction; it saves money; and it connects savers to other people with similar interests.