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Best Job Listings Sites

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Career Portals
In addition to these job sites many companies now have their own online portals for recruitment. Those looking for a job can go straight to the company website, apply, and check the status of their application in one spot. These are called career portals.

Career Portals are an online resource built to facilitate the internal career development process for both employees and managers. Career portals offer a huge benefit to HR because all of the resources needed are located in one place.

Sites with career portals offer many benefits. These include:

Having one place for all available job opportunities

FAQ section with common answers

Benefit information is often listed on their site

Job listings often include tons of information regarding the job like salary, requirements, and qualifications

Most companies that have a career portal also have alerts to let potential hires know when their status changes as well as when new listings are posted.

Companies that use career portals include: McDonald's, Target, Wal-Mart, Subway, Lowes, Google, Disney, General Mills and many more. A simple search will tell you if your chose company as a job portal.

Tips for Applying to Online Job Listings
Once you have scoured the job search engines, checked out career portals and updated your LinkedIn profile it is time to apply. Here are some general tips that can help make your online application stand out!

Create an original cover letter - Don't leave this blank. Let the recruiter get to know YOU and why YOU deserve this job

Use key words in your resume - Pull out key words from the job description and insert them into your resume when describing your job responsibilities

Fill out all forms - Leave nothing blank. If you are unsure of a question acknowledge that. But don't leave it empty

Check and recheck your application - Once you hit submit there is no going back

While the job search market has changed one thing hasn't and that is that companies want GOOD employees that show the potential necessary to become an asset to their team. When filling out online job applications make sure you shine. You only get one first impression, even in the digital age!