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Best Online Survey Programs

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Tips For Online Survey Success
Sound good for you? Here's the public opinion on what makes a satisfied paid survey taker.

Create a new email account - You'll likely start getting offers from advertisers. Survey takers find it helpful to keep ads and offers separate from their personal accounts.

Avoid scams - The old "don't send money" guideline works for online surveys too. If you are considering a program that asks you for money, keep moving. There are scores of programs that are free or may even give you a few points for joining.

The "pre-qualifying" survey may indicate a scam. For all programs you will be need to provide some personal information in a survey questionnaire format. However, you should be able to complete the application in less than 20 minutes. If you are 45 minutes into a "prequalifying" survey with no end in sight, you are most likely taking a survey for which you should receive pay. Look for a program with easy enrollment and quick payoffs.

Privacy policies are a must.

Expect realistic rewards - Work-from-home - No! There are stories circulating of consumers who generate thousands of dollars each month. If you need to generate a living income, consider getting an online job. Answering online surveys is not going to provide a living wage.

Reward-from-home -- Yes! As an alternative to watching reruns of Law and Order to unwind, sure. Spend an hour filling out surveys and land a gift card, $100, or movie tickets for the family. By the time you log in, sort through surveys to find the ones you're eligible for, and secure your reward, you'll probably walk away with $1-3 per hour - more than you'd have not doing surveys.

Join several sites
Shop around. Consider the reward system. Are you after cash or restaurant vouchers? Find the program that offers the rewards that fit your lifestyle.

Register at one time. If you're already a survey taker, you can add on a winning program any time. If you're new to online surveys, consider choosing your top 10 programs and carving out a block of time to get yourself registered for all of them at once. Increasing the number of memberships increases the possibility that you'll get good surveys. Naturally, it will take longer for points to accumulate to the level where you can redeem them, but your overall earnings will be greater.

The success of online surveys for both companies and customers speaks for itself. You're not going to get rich, but you can add an additional line of income which over time will add up to sweet rewards.