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Best Spring & Summer Seasonal Jobs

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For many Americans, job stability seems like a forgotten concept. Jobs seem to come and go before we can even settle into them, especially for people without a college degree or specialized skills training.

Even without a degree or a high-end skill set, unemployment doesn't have to be a permanent condition. Managing seasonal employment opportunities can help even those without technical knowledge or college degrees stay employed while building a new career or looking for steadier employment. During the spring and summer, in particular, unemployed adults can find work that can help provide a reasonable income. Some of these jobs may even provide valuable benefits.

Of course, we'd all prefer to have steady employment, but that isn't always available, and when it isn't, seasonal work provides a valuable alternative. It will put money in the bank and food on the table, and it will fill in what might otherwise be a blank space in your resume. Potential employers always prefer to see work experience, and seasonal work, even outside your field, will boost your chances of finding steady employment down the line.

Spring Seasonal Jobs[1]
During the spring, think "life." People are getting livelier and looking for ways to get outdoors, and many of them need to hire others to help them do it. That creates opportunities!

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Maintenance
When spring hits, start looking for part-time work with landscape architecture companies or landscape maintenance companies. These companies are often small operations that need seasonal help to keep up with demand. For mowing, in particular, you won't need any special skills, although they may need to (and be willing to) train you on how to use some of the lawn care equipment, such as trimmers, hedgers, and riding mowers.

Benefits include free training and skill development.

Average wage: $14/hr

Individual homeowners and landscape companies alike will be looking for people to help maintain gardens. There are a large number of tasks associated with proper garden maintenance, and many of them do not require specialized training or skills. Many companies will also need help in their offices, so not all of the seasonal work will be outdoors.

Benefits may include free training and skills development.

Average wage: $15/hr

Farm Hand
Farm hands are in short supply in the U.S. Many large farms are in desperate need for farm hands, and many Americans often decide not to take these jobs, which makes your chances of landing employment as a farm hand good, especially as the spring season starts. Depending on where you live, the work could involve tending produce or even tending grapes at a winery. Most large operation farms train workers, and some even provide housing during busy planting and harvesting seasons.

Benefits can include free training, skills development and in some cases, free housing.

Average wage: $13/hr

Farmer's Markets
As late spring hits, the first round of produce will start hitting the farmer's markets. Most farmer's markets need help selling the produce, and many markets also run additional services alongside the selling of produce, such as coffee sales and managing parking. Your local farmer's market is likely to offer a range of positions and opportunities.

Benefits may include skills development and in some cases, tips, depending on what you do.

Average Salary: Job specific, may vary.

Department and Clothing Stores (Retail Sales)
During spring, department stores and clothing stores start switching from their winter to spring and summer clothing lines. They also begin to experience an influx of customers again as people start looking for their spring and summer outfits. During this time, expect many clothing and department stores to ramp up their seasonal hiring, making it a perfect time to start the application process.

Benefits include discounts on clothing and other retail items, free training and skills development. Some department and clothing stores also offer education reimbursements.

Average wage: $13/hr

Amusement Park Worker
Most amusement parks close for the winter, but once the weather gets warm and spring hits, they open back up for eager customers. You'll want to apply early as these seasonal positions fill up fast, but they're always available if you get your application in early.

Benefits include free access to the amusement park, discounts for family and friends, skills training and in some cases, education reimbursements.

Average wage: $12/hr

Restaurants and Bars[2]
As people start traveling more during spring, restaurants and bars will start looking to add employees to help cover the influx that will occur through the spring and summer months. These positions typically don't have too many prerequisites, and most offer training, especially for bartenders and waiters/waitresses. There's also the potential to make real money through tips.

Benefits often include free or discounted meals, free training, skills development, tips, and at times education reimbursements.

Average wage: $13/hr

Average wage: $9.61

Home Improvement Stores
Home improvement stores are likely to see an increase in customers during the spring. They'll also start their seasonal hiring at this point as well. Most stores provide training and do not require more than a high school diploma.

Benefits often include discounted retail items, free training, skills development and at times education reimbursements.

Average wage: $13/hr