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Best Fall Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal work can be a great way for the unemployed or under-employed to stay afloat while looking for permanent employment, and the best fall seasonal jobs can be quite rewarding. Some jobs are specifically available only during the fall of the year, but others may provide you a stepping stone to better employment with the same employer even after autumn turns to winter.

Seasonal work is usually temporary, and many people may overlook it in favor of a continued search for permanent employment. That is not always a productive approach. Seasonal work doesn't just bring in badly needed money. It also fills a gap in your resume and positions you as a candidate who is flexible and eager to work. Applicants who are currently working have a better chance at a new job, and the more work you've done, the more of an impression you'll make on the next potential employer. Seasonal work can also be a stepping-stone to something more. Most seasonal employers also hire full-time workers, and if you do a job well and make a positive impression, you can get a foot in the door for further opportunities.

Let's run down some jobs that will be available this fall, with a special focus on work that doesn't require a ton of education or technical knowledge.

Fall is the season of festivals, and nearly every town small and large has a few festivals scheduled. Festival work can be a lot of fun and require no real experience or training, and as a bonus, you get to be in the thick of things while the festival is up and running. From setting up the festival booths to working the festival's food court, there are opportunities to be seized. Check with your local chamber of commerce to find out about upcoming festivals and find contact information to make the application process easier.

Agricultural Harvest Work
With autumn comes the inevitable harvesting of crops, and you don't even need a green thumb to pick apples, harvest pumpkins, and perform other services like packing and transportation. As a bonus, the physical aspect of harvest work can help you get in shape, and you get to experience the great outdoors during one of the most beautiful times of the year. Harvest jobs usually don't even require a high-school diploma; nearly anyone who can perform the work can get hired. You won't get rich working a harvest job, but the fresh air, the exercise, and a bit of needed income can make this type of work worthwhile.

Fall is prime time to be hired for the resort season in many areas. Jobs range from tending the lawn to selling items in the resort's gift shop to serving beverages and food. Requirements are usually not that stringent; a high-school diploma or GED is usually all that's required, and most resorts pay reasonably well. Some positions may even offer the opportunity to be paid gratuities for your service from happy guests.

Retailers never want to be unprepared when the holiday season arrives, so they begin hiring in the fall for the upcoming holiday period. With shelves to stock, displays to build, and inventory to check, there is no shortage of retail work in the fall of the year. A high school diploma or GED may be preferable for a retail job, but it's not always required. What's more, many jobs that start out as seasonal or temporary in retail often grow into opportunities for continued work after the holidays are over, since turnover rates in retail are somewhat elevated. Show your retail employer you have what it takes, and you could end up with a permanent employment offer after Christmas.

University Field Assistant
Fall is also the season of football, and many colleges and universities hire additional help during this time for maintaining their football fields and stadiums. Check with local schools to find openings. Minimal requirements usually include a high school diploma or equivalent, and no experience is usually needed.

If you're a math ace or know your way around English grammar, finding work as a tutor is always easiest during the fall back-to-school months. Check with agencies around you or online. While a college education is preferable, some tutor services only want you to prove your skills with an assessment. The pay is decent, and you get the added benefit of helping foster young minds.

Work Once Filled by College Kids
College students head back to campus as summer winds down, and there are tons of openings for jobs that they filled over the summer. Restaurant work, for example, is easiest to get during back-to-campus periods, since many college students don't have time for work once they have classes to attend. Retailers and eateries in your local mall probably also have vacancies this time of year.

Retailers aren't the only employers who ramp up on staff during the fall to prepare for the busiest time of year. Delivery services, including local delivery services as well as UPS and FedEx, also hire additional help to handle the uptick of packages they begin receiving as early as September. You'll need a clean driving record and a high school diploma or GED for most of these jobs, although some delivery services hire package handlers and sorters, so no driver's license is needed for those positions.

Call Centers
Many call center jobs do not require experience. Call centers associated with retailers also hire additional help beginning in the fall to staff their call center operations (think, for example). Some retailers also offer work-at-home positions for call center reps to field the surge of calls that they expect once holiday shopping starts.

Get Moving
These are some of the best places to look for fall seasonal work. Remember, though, that you won't be the only one looking. Many of these jobs are sought after and competitive, and getting an application in early can make the difference between success and failure. Polish your resume and get cracking on those applications, and be persistent and creative!