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My Unemployment Helper - One Stop Unemployment Resource
Welcome to My Unemployment Helper. We are thrilled to have you as a member and look forward to assisting you with your unemployment help concerns, questions and requirements. Whether you've just recently become unemployed or have been out of work for some time, our goal is to provide you with the resources and information necessary so that you may take steps to improve your quality of life, career and future. Being unemployed delivers not only a financial toll, but a psychological and emotional one as well. The most important thing is to remain positive and take action. We are here to help!

As unemployment is a large and multifaceted subject, we have broken down our resources, guides and articles into the following sections. Education & Training will introduce options that may help you realize career aspirations. It also details online education, career training programs, trade schools and more. Government Help provides information on unemployment benefits, wrongful termination, worker's comp and important healthcare information. Make Money Now connects you to the best job listings sites, work-at-home opportunities, and temporary hire options. Save Money Now helps you lower your expenses on housing, food and electricity costs.

You've taken the first step towards finding the unemployment help you may need. Keep going!

Education & Training
Online Education Programs - Going to college on a campus is so 20th Century. Now, more than ever, there are a multitude of benefits in online education. Growth in course diversity and the flexibility in scheduling has allowed many students to invest in themselves and their future.

Everything About Trade Schools - Whether you're currently planning your career, looking for a job change, or ready to advance your training in an area you work in already, trade school may be the perfect choice for taking you toward greater job satisfaction and a higher paying profession.

Career Training Programs - Good jobs are important for everyone regardless of age or financial class. The right training can ensure that you are able to get the best job possible for you. In many communities across America, programs are in place to train low-income individuals.

High Demand Jobs With Free Training - Even with today's high unemployment rates, workers in many skilled trades are in short supply and employers are struggling to fill their worker needs. In some cases they will even pay you to train! Learn more about how to use America's skill gap to find well paid work.

Adult Education Programs - Education is not just for the young. More than a third of all college students are over 25, and that number is growing as more people embrace the challenge of building their skills to increase their earnings and improve their job prospects. If you're interested in joining the adult education movement, there's never been a better time... find out how!

Practical Ways To Change Your Job Seeking Outlook - If you're trying to put a new competitive edge on your job search, check out these practical tips.

How to Cope with Unemployment Stress - Losing a job can have a devastating impact on your life. Managing the stress that comes with unexpected job loss is a key part of getting back on our feet, making the most of our unemployed time, and getting back into the workforce as fast as possible.

How To Save Money On College - If you're unemployed or at a cross-roads in your life, starting or continuing your college education is worth considering. Don't allow the costs to stand in your way, learn how to make your education affordable.

Government Help
Unemployment Benefits (UI) - Losing a job can put yu in deep trouble, especially if the loss is unexpected. You'll face immediate financial challenges and the need to find new work, and the combination can be an enormous challenge. There is help available, and here's where to find it.

Everything About Wrongful Termination - If you have ever been fired from a job, you may have felt that the termination was wrongful. Learn more about what constitutes "wrongful termination".

2019 Jobs Outlook - The job market is booming, and there are plenty of in-demand and high-paying jobs out there, even for workers without a college degree. If you’re looking for a new job, this list of the top jobs for 2019 can help you find the right one.

What Happens To My Healthcare? - One of the greatest anxieties that accompanies the loss of employment is concerns about where to turn for healthcare. Read this article to learn more about your options.

Everything About Worker's Comp - Workers' compensation insurance is available in every state to provide for the expenses of a workplace injury or illness. If you are injured on the job or develop a work-related illness, you need to take specific steps to secure your benefits.

TANF - Help For Needy Families - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is a government program that provides temporary support for families struck by a crisis like job loss, illness, or injury. None of us wants to be dependent on assistance, but if you've experienced a crisis and need a break to get back on your feet, there is help available for your family!

Make Money Now
Winter Seasonal Work Opportunities - Seasonal work is a great way to earn money, fill a gap in your resume, and make contacts that can lead to full time employment. Here’s where to look for winter seasonal jobs!

Work From Home Jobs For Moms - According to some statistics, 20 million people do at least some of their work at home. Moms are looking for ways to boost the family income, to balance work and family, and to make a difference in their world and community.

Job Fair Opportunities - Local job fairs provide an invaluable opportunity to meet employers and recruiters face to face and present yourself as a capable, motivated candidate for employment. To make the most of the event, approach it with a strategy in mind.

Best Job Listings Sites - Just a decade or two ago, the primary way of finding employment was to open up the Sunday newspaper. Times have changed and like a lot of things in 21st century life, employment opportunities are now found online. Discover the best legitimate job listings now.

Build An Online Job Profile – We live in a social media world, and your online personality can help or hurt your job hunt. Here’s how to make the internet work for you!

Best Online Survey Programs - An online survey is a market research tool in which a consumer gets payment to complete a web-based questionnaire about products, advertising, etc. Here we review the best legitimate places to make some extra cash taking online surveys.

Work From Home Without A Degree – More and more Americans are discovering that working from home in a legitimate job really is possible, even without a college degree. Here are some practical fields offering real opportunities.

How To Earn With Your Car - If you're looking for ways to supplement your income, make some money between jobs, or even build full time work, one of your most useful assets could be sitting in your driveway. You car can make money, in ways you might not have imagined.

Local Temp Company DB - Find temp hire companies in your local area.

Save Money Now
How To Save Money On Housing - Thrifty consumers and those on a budget are eager to find ways to save money on housing while still living comfortably. Here we discuss ways that you can immediately realize cost savings.

How To Save Money On Food - Families and individuals living on a budget also need to control their food costs. Here we reveal tips and suggestions to cut the food bill.

How To Save Money On Electricity - Discover great ways to save money on your electricity costs.

Best Coupon Programs - The Internet is filled with great sites that can help you save real money on products, services and more. Here we examine the most popular coupon sites and strategies.