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Work From Home Jobs For Moms

Part 1 of 2

WAHM - Work At Home Moms
WAHM -- Is it the life for you? According to some statistics, 20 million people do at least some of their work at home. Moms are looking for ways to boost the family income, to balance work and family, and to make a difference in their world and community. They're finding that they can accomplish all three right from their kitchen table.

For a host of reasons, moms are snatching up the opportunities to work at home. If you're wondering if it's right for you, here are some things to think about:

The Perks
Save money - Given the cost of working outside the home (transportation, childcare, and meals -- just to name a few) working from home becomes a way to save money and make money at the same time.

Avoid the commute - When you work at home, every minute of worktime is a minute of work. There's no commute or break time in the lounge. You're getting paid for every minute connected to work.

Work with chronic disease/disability - Moms who can't physically get up and go to the workplace every day may be able to work from home.

Stay home with family - One of the biggest draws to working at home is that moms want to be home with little ones, with a special needs child, with homeschoolers, or when kids come in from school. Some moms find themselves in the 'sandwich generation' where responsibilities to children and aging parents rule out the possibility of keeping a 9-5, rigid schedule.

The Motivation
You will need strong motivation. They don't call it 'work' at home for nothing. Consider what's driving you.

Income - Nearly every WAHM lists the need or desire to generate income as one of the top reasons for working, but there is more to it than the money.

Connecting personally and professionally - SAHMs (Stay At Home Moms) often miss their previous careers, the connection to people, and adult conversation. Working from home keeps you challenged, fresh, and connected to people who share your interests.

Creative Expression - Talented, creative moms have started successful small businesses that sell unique designs created right in their own homes. For example, Kantha Bae, a mom and designer says her Bohemian fashions are 'an extension of my passion to sew for my children.' With love and dedication, her creativity became a work-at-home opportunity. You can view her work on Etsy.

Exceptionality - You may be a WAHM who has an original idea that no one else is doing yet. There is no workplace for you because your line of work hasn't been developed enough to have a brick and mortar established; or your work may capitalize on a seasonal market. Consider 'Courtney's' story. She started out selling her own product line. A couple times a year, she and some other small business owners rented out a room to have a boutique show. She quickly figured out that there was a market for boutique shopping. Now, she rents out a facility for boutique shopping three times a year. At her last show, she hosted a 60 venders and 2000 guests. Opportunities like that don't happen in a traditional workplace.